Leya Luna is a freelance Illustrator
and Graphic designer from Zurich, Switzerland.
Her work focuses on storytelling illustration, brand design and packaging design. 

She graduated in Graphic design from the School of Design Zurich before she got her Bachelors Degree from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in visual communication, Illustration ficiton. She is currently studying in Cambridge, United Kingdom for her Masters degree in Children’s book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.


2023: Werkschau Hochschule Luzern 
            SYLA Market, Basel
            Fumetto Comic Festival,        
            Satellite Exhibition, Lucerne

2022: Fumetto Comic Festival, Lucerne
            Fantasy Basel ‘22
            Pop-Show, Zurich
            SYLA Market, Zurich

2021: Artworks for Messina, Winterthur
             Fantasy Basel ‘21

2020: Schaufenster, Zürich
            University of teacher education, Zürich
            (exceptional in-depth studies)

2019: ExRex, St. Gallen
           Fantasy Basel ‘19
           Braided 2 Exhibition, Chicago
            CreativeHowl Article

2018: T.M.B.C Exhibition, Zurich  
           Fantasy Basel ‘18

2017: Schaufenster, Zürich


10 x 10 Jahre Aprillen – 
Edition Moderne 2023

Die verrückte Reise von Pönkergüggel Tom – Weber Verlag 2021

Ein Tag mit Hase Emil – 
Selfpublication 2019